Lily Collins’ New Man is Literally the Hottest Guy in Hollywood Right Now

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Gone are the days when we can rave about Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower‘s cutest relationship moments — there’s, supposedly, a new man in the 26-year-old actress’ life. And you just so happen to know him quite well. Like, intimately well.

So, who is her mystery man? We won’t let the suspense build any longer — it’s Nick Jonas! You know, Nick Jonas, the guy who paraded around grabbing his crotch for the past year and a half; the guy with the rock-hard abs and huge-a** nipples; the guy who just admitted out of his “best effort” to respect Kate Hudson and her privacy, he’s not going to say if they had sex or not. Yeah, that guy. Despite his thirsty interviews, he’s literally the hottest guy in Hollywood right now, so way to go, Lil!

According to Us Weekly, the star of The Mortal Instruments and the 23-year-old “Jealous” singer are an item. “Nick really likes Lily,” the report says. But the relationship is casual. “Nick’s single and having fun. Right now it’s not exclusive.”

If you don’t mind us saying, Lily’s got an impressive track record: Taylor Lautner, Jamie Campbell Bower, Zac Efron, Chris Evans, JCB again… Girl, what is your secret??

Learn more about Nick Jonas’ relationship with Kate Hudson:

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