6 Shocking Times Nick Threw Shade at the Jonas Brothers

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Nick Jonas has never been one to shy away from drama or controversial subjects. The 23-year-old singer always finds a way to get involved in major news and often puts up with extremely personal questions and answers them honestly. He embraces his life in the spotlight and understands that it is all just part of the job. Since starting his Future Now Tour with BFF Demi Lovato, the pair has recreated songs from the days of Camp Rock and acknowledged its Disney Channel past.

One thing that Nick doesn’t always acknowledge with fond memories, though, is his Jonas Brothers past. Although the chart-topping boy band is the main reason behind Nick’s continued success, he has definitely thrown some major shade. The brothers still have a great relationship — or, at least Nick & Joe Jonas do — but sometimes Nick can’t help but spill the truth tea about his former life. Check out our gallery to see all the times the youngest JoBro member threw serious shade: