Nick Jonas and His Ex-Girlfriend Reunite More Than 5 YEARS After Their Breakup

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If you were a diehard Jonas Brothers fan back in the day, you’ll have vivid memories of the time Nick Jonas dated Australian singer Delta Goodrem. The couple was together for about 10 months, despite their 8-year age difference, but broke up in February 2012. While they vowed to “remain friends” following their split and the 24-year-old told an Aussie radio station in 2015, “there’s no issue. She’s great, I love her,” Nick and Delta’s relationship seemingly faded into the abyss as time passed. But we have good news for you, Nelta shippers — the former couple recently reunited!

The “Remember I Told You” singer and Voice Australia judge were spotted together in Los Angeles just yesterday. Photographers caught them hitting the gym and then going out to breakfast after their workout.

While Nick and Delta’s reunion does NOT mean they are dating again (remember — exes can be friends, people!), many fans are bugging out at the potential for them to get back together in a romantic way.

Time will tell if this Nelta reunion was a one-time thing, or if the flame gets reignited once more.

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