An Ode to Our Favorite Birthday Boy, Nick Jonas

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When we make a mistake, we admit it. Like when we totally forgot it was Joe Jonas’ birthday a few weeks ago? Ugh. We suck! But to make it up to you JoBros fans, we wrote an especially good birthday poem for Nick, who now joins Selena and Demias a newly appointed 19-year-old. It’s funny and might make you LOL, so you’ll probs wanna read it. Ya know. If you’re into that kinda stuff.

Read it now!

There’s so much to say about you Nick, where do we start?
For one, let’s talk about your huge heart.
You’ve got diabetes which is really, really sad
But we like that you talk about it and show your fans it’s not that bad.

Ok, let’s backtrack a little bit here
And take a little trip back through all the years.
It was 2005(ish) when you and your bros first hit the scene
With your curly hair, those guitars, and your bods that were very lean

You had an album back then but we don’t really remember it
But then in 2007, the Jonas Brothers became a hit!
“Year 3000” was like, our favorite song.
But then you released tons more singles. It didn’t take very long!

Soon the Jonas Brothers became a household name
And with your good looks, you boys shot to fame
You dated Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, too
But we’ll get to that later. Let’s focus on YOU!

Now you and your bros are doing your own thing
With Kevin married, Joe solo, and you continuing to sing.
But how could we forget that you’re doing Broadway?
Les Miserable, How to Succeed, and our personal fave, Hairspray.

We wish you the best of luck with The Administration, your band,
But if you need song inspiration, we could lend you a hand.
All you have to do is date us like you’re doing with Delta Goodrem now
She’s like, 8 years older than you. All we have to say is…How?

But anyway, Nick, we wish you the best of birthdays.
And we know that your solo success won’t be a phase.
If you want to return to TV and do more “JONAS” that’d be great
But until then, we guess we’ll just have to wait.

Happy birthday, bro! About you we do rave
And don’t tell Joe, but PS, you’re our fave.

Did ya like it? Which of our birthday poems is your fave? And what’s your birthday wish for Nick Jonas? Leave it in the comments!