Nick Jonas’ New Song is About Selena & Nelena Fans Are Freaking the Eff Out

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It has been quite some time since Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez were thought about together in a romantic way. Yes, they recently ran into each other, but LBR — a Nelena reunion was pretty far from fans’ minds. Until now.

The 22-year-old singer surprised fans over the weekend when he dropped a new song, “Area Code,” but no one was expecting to hear what they did when the listened for the first time. During the second verse of the sexy, hip-hop influence track, Nick croons, “You say I never been good for you // You can’t deny I gave it good to you.” Um…remind you of anything? How about Selena’s summer smash not-so coincidentally called “Good For You?”

Fine. You can totally argue that those lyrics are simply coincidental when reading them; We get that! But if you listen to the song and hear how NJ actually sings the words you’ll get where we’re coming from — they’re in the exact same melody as Sel’s track!

And if you need MORE proof that “Area Code” shouts out Selena, get a load of this. Nick favorited the following tweets, adding fuel to the fire:

UMMM. Come on, guys. Nick basically confirmed himself that the song AT LEAST gives reference to “Good For You;” You have to admit that. And, as expected, Nelena shippers literally cannot even contain their excitement.

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