Days After Kissing Australian Beauty, Nick Jonas Moves on to Another Girl

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Nick Jonas practically made fanfiction come to life when he was spotted making out with Australian non-celeb Annalisa Azaredo in Sydney, Australia, just two weeks ago. The pair went bike riding together, hung at out the beach and eventually ended the evening with a smooch sesh. We told you — fanfiction IRL!

But even though the “Find You” singer was supposedly “definitely into” the Aussie beauty, it looks like the pair was nothing more than a fling. Why do we say this, you might ask? Oh, just ’cause NJ already moved on to another girl…and this time, she’s famous!

Us Weekly says 34-year-old Westworld actress Angela Sarafyan is the 25-year-old’s latest “flame.”

“He has a thing for older women,” a source told the magazine.

That he does! The first time Nick dipped his toes in the water of romancing someone his several years his senior was when he dated now-33-year-old Delta Goodrem back in 2011 when he was still a teenager. The Jumanji star later linked to 38-year-old Kate Hudson, but he refused to clarify the rumors.

“Kate’s incredible,” he told Complex back in 2016. “We had an unbelievable connection as two humans who just admire things about each other and see something in each other that’s beautiful.”

But just because the former Disney Channel star wouldn’t confirm or deny his relationship with the Marshall star doesn’t mean Goldie Hawn, Kate’s mom, kept her mouth shut.

“Let me tell you something,” she responded when a caller asked her about her daughter’s relationship with the Jonas Brother on Watch What Happens Live. “As long as the kids are having fun, I don’t care! Because he’s a very nice guy. He’s a good person.”

She also said she never got a chance to make dinner for him, but definitely would’ve “if [the relationship] had lasted long enough.”