From Our BFFS: Is Nick Jonas Jealous of Joe’s Solo Album?

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Nick Jonas ‘s solo was, um, kind of a fail, so is he jeal that big bro Joe Jonas‘ is likely to be more successful? How do we put this– Um, NO. [Hollywire]

Speaking of jealousy, Justin Bieber‘s ex Jasmine V sings all about being “Jealous” in her new song/video. Hey, Selena Gomez, we kinda think the song’s directed at you. Just sayin’. [JSYK]

Taylor Swift is turning her final tour rehearsal into a benefit for tornado victims. Annnnd we’re pretty sure she’s this generation’s Mother Teresa. [Cambio]

Major Glee spoiler! Which gleek is getting a boyfriend just in time for prom? Nope, not Trouty mouth… [Wetpaint]

Do the Teen Mom girls wish they’d waited to have sex until after high school? One word: Yes. [Seventeen]

Last night, Jennifer Lopez not only judged on American Idol, but she sang, too! Uh, well, attempted to sing, at least… [Popdust]

In case you didn’t already know, Julianne Hough snagged the lead in the Footloose remake in the best casting call of the century. Check out these first pics of her dancing her tush off! [Just Jared Jr.]

Emma Stone always looks fab on the red carpet and now you can steal her style with just a few key items. Now if only we could get her genes… [Posh24]

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