Nick Crompton Quits Team 10 Because He Doesn’t Like “Internal Changes”

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Nick “England is my city” Crompton is the latest YouTuber to quit Team 10 and you know what they say — another one bites the dust. The Chief Operations Officer of the Jake Paul-led YouTube group announced his departure over the weekend, stating that “internal changes” that he doesn’t agree with helped make his decision.

“Due to internal changes being made within our various business that I don’t agree with, I have resigned both as Chief Operations Officer and as talent,” the 23-year-old explains, in part, in a Twitter statement. “I still love my Team 10 family but the vision for the business, people involved and direction it’s now going in no longer makes sense to me.”

The 23-year-old calls the two years he spent with Team 10 the “best years of [his] life” and realizes how fortune he is to have been a part of something that allowed him to have a “privileged lifestyle.” Team 10, however, released its own statement that contradicts Nick’s words.

“While it is always painful to say goodbye to individuals that have been part of our family, the reality is that Team 10 departures are always the result of a larger team decision and a deliberate plan to return balance and loyalty to our family,” the statement reads. “When members of an organization are focused on themselves and not the greater good of the team, team vision, they must be removed so team 10 can continue to thrive, support the fans, and foster the loyalty that keeps our community so powerful.”

So, what’s the truth? Did Nick choose to leave Team 10, or was he kicked out? We give it a few weeks before the British guy makes an ‘EXPOSING JAKE PAUL AND TEAM 10’ video on YouTube and the real story comes out.