You’ll Never Guess Which Career Nick Hoult’s Branching Out Into Next…

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We all know Nicholas Hoult for his dashing good looks, portrayal of Beast in the X-Men franchise and, of course, dating Jennifer Lawrence. So we think you’ll find it amusing to know that the next step he’s planning on taking includes none of the above. Just look at the web address for this page, then look back down. Go on, do it. Notice something? That’s right, Nick Hoult’s supposedly entering… the music industry. *dun dun dun*

According to UK newspaper The Daily Mirror, “Nick is taking it all seriously… He has always had a passion for music, as his mum is a piano teacher… His real love is for the guitar though, and he’s great at writing music. He now wants to make a real go of it and even release some tracks.”

So far, there’s been no word from the 24-year-old actor’s camp as to the validity of this statement, but if it’s true, how exciting is this?! We can almost hear his smooth vocals already.

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