The 10 Nicest Guys in Hollywood by a Longshot

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Tumblr (teendotcom)

Tumblr (teendotcom)

There’s a very rare species of Hollywood actors out there — the nice guys. Yes, we’re talking about actors who remain nice despite having millions in their bank accounts, millions of fans to match the millions in their accounts, numerous awards and, more often than not, a face that puts any person to shame regardless of his/her sex. (Hey, Hugh Jackman! I don’t care if you’re a man. I know it’s weird, but I definitely wouldn’t mind being the handsome woman version of you.)

In honor of nice guy Matt Damon, who turned 44 (whoa) on Wednesday, we’ve compiled a list of ten nice guys in Hollywood. Some of them you want to be friends with and some of them (ahem, Tom Cruise), you wouldn’t mind just watching on your screen. Scroll through and let us know what you think!

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