Is He or Isn’t He? Niall Horan Reveals Whether or Not He’s Currently Single

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When it comes to being a celebrity, not only are fans obsessed with all of your work, they’re also obsessed with who you’re dating. Niall Horan kinda learned this the hard way. Okay, technically this isn’t a brand-new lesson he’s learned because the singer has been a celebrity in his own right since his One Direction days. However, Nialler couldn’t quite dodge the questions surrounding his love life when he made an appearance on The Ellen Show last Friday.

While promoting his new album, Flicker, and chatting about his world tour, Niall was put on the spot when Ellen DeGeneres asked him how he manages to date a girl with his grueling schedule. “It’s something that I probably struggled with a little bit when I was younger — you know, having a girlfriend and being on the road at the same time,” he admitted. “But at the same time, I was 18-19 going around the world with some of my best friends. This time, I’m a little bit more mature — I think so. We’ll see what happens. But I’m kind of enjoying it for what it is right now. I’m in my mid-twenties having a laugh.”

And in case anyone needs a straight-up answer as to whether or not Niall has a girlfriend, Ellen asked the singer if he was single and he flat out said, “I am.” So there you have it! Aside from being completely honest with Ellen and her viewers about his love life, the daytime hostess managed to sneak in a little scare into their conversation. Because, really, is it really an episode of Ellen if Ellen doesn’t actually scare any of her guests??

Anyway, for Niall’s surprise scare, the talk show host managed to find a very convincing Harry Styles lookalike to scare the bejeezus out of the “Slow Hands” singer. After the incident went down, Niall exclaimed that “cardiac arrest nearly happened” and, honestly, Ellen, is it just ~too much to ask~ for a scare-free episode? Especially for the sake of Niall’s heart.

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