A 1D Guy Somehow Got Away With Doing the Most Disgusting (and Illegal!) Act

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When Justin Bieber was caught peeing in a restaurant’s mop bucket, no was was really surprised. Sure, his action was disgusting AF, but the “Sorry” singer had been spiraling for quite some time at that point. In a way more shocking case of public urination, however, Niall Horan seemingly couldn’t wait to get to a bathroom (or go anywhere somewhat private) and dropped trou right in a Los Angeles parking lot.

The 22 year old has just finished enjoying a night out with his 1D bandmate Louis Tomlinson and a gaggle of girls over the weekend when he realized he had a problem — he needed a bathroom, STAT. For some reason, Niall decided that relieving himself in the corner of a (public) parking lot was his best option, and while the Irish cutie obviously thought he was secluded, he definitely was not — the paparazzi caught the whole entire thing on camera.

Luckily, The “History” singer managed to keep his bits under wraps and the photogs didn’t catch anything too incriminating. And speaking of not being caught, Niall got super lucky here, because public urination is actually a misdemeanor crime in the state of California and can result in jail time, a significant fine and community service. Let’s just take a minute to picture our ~smol leprechaun~ sitting in prison for peeing in public — not a good look. Next time, take it to the bathroom, Niall!

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