Turns Out, Niall Horan’s Girlfriend is a Mother Who Actually Abandoned Her Son

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We knew that Niall Horan’s rumored girlfriend Jessica Serfaty was married and had a son in the past, but we just assumed the reason why she never posts pictures of him on social media was because she wanted to keep him private. But, according to the supermodel’s ex-husband, the real reason why we never see photos of 7-year-old Roman is because SHE basically never sees him, either.

“She doesn’t see Roman as regularly as you’d like to hear,” her ex Ididia Serfaty told The Daily Mail. “We’re in Arkansas and she’s in LA. In fact it’s in our divorce decree that she can fly him out to California once a month as long as he’s not missing school, but what she takes is just six weeks in the summer. So she sees Roman six weeks out of every year and some Christmases. Last Christmas she didn’t see him. But she’s young. She’s probably not thinking about us. It’s hard not to think of yourself when you are trying to build a Hollywood career.”

The 30 year old says he is raising the little boy as “a single dad,” and even though both he and Roman want to spend more time with Jessica, she doesn’t have the time.

“Roman wants to see his mom; he loves seeing her. In fact, he wanted to go to LA to see her for spring break. When he got the news that he couldn’t go we were at the grocery store and he was on Facetime with her and he just said, ‘What’s my answer? Yes or no? Yes or no?’ because she had to get off the phone. When he finally got his answer he was down. When she said no I wasn’t really surprised. She said she was busy for work but it’s hurtful to see your son upset.”

But while the Arkansas-based man is adamant that he doesn’t “want to bash her,” the 25 year old says that his claims are completely false and she talks to the little boy every other day.

“In the divorce I got given a judge who was very small-minded and he said for us to have dual custody — which we both wanted — it was impossible because Ididia didn’t want to leave Arkansas and I had everything we had worked for for so long back in California. So the judge said I could either stay in Arkansas and co-parent or do what I’m doing now and see him in summer and Christmas — because he has to go to just one school — he can’t go back and forth. We agreed this is the way it would be for now until we would have them both move back out.”

And despite how Ididia made their relationship out to be, the former America’s Next Top Model contestant says the two former partners are actually on good terms.

“Me and his father went through some hard times but for the past few years we have been very cordial, we help each other,” she continued. “I’ve made a couple of offers to him to move to California — I would pay for the move out and support him for a couple of months until he got a job and got on his feet but each time he’s said he needs a bit longer. There’s not an ounce of me that doesn’t want Roman to be out here — that would be the ideal dream for both of them to move out here. The past couple of months have been looking really good I feel we’re coming close to the time where he is going to come out here with Roman and we can co-parent again.”

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