Niall Horan Abused by 1D “Fans” Who Took Their Obsession Way Too Far

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One Direction fans are some of the most dedicated people on the planet, but sometimes that dedication goes way too far. If you thought the person who hacked Harry Styles’ mom’s iCloud account and leaked private pictures of him and Kendall Jenner on vacation was bad, wait until you see what a group of “supporters” did to poor Niall Horan.

Apparently, the Irish singer has been getting bombarded with messages from several people “for the last two weeks.” While Niall clearly tried to ignore the onslaught of notes at first, he no longer could bite his tongue when the attempts at communication turned “abusive.”

As soon as the 22-year-old posted his thoughts, screenshots of the conversations began to surface, and HO-LY crap are they disturbing. “You deserve to go burn in hell, Niall,” one person said. “I hope your house blows up,” wrote another.

But while the disgusting messages to the 1D guy were completely uncalled for, nothing is more disturbing than what these people said about his 2-year-old Nephew, Theo. Some of the horrors include:

“If Theo was my kid I’d sell it.”

“Down’s syndrome is shook!”


“He needs to get braces.”

Need us remind you that this form of bullying is NEVER okay in any circumstance, but when the victim is a literal toddler the situation becomes even more repulsive.

As Niall said, he’s pretty good at letting things like this roll off his shoulders, but he definitely should’ve have to.


Niall isn’t the first celeb to call out haters on social media: