Niall Horan’s Brother Publicizes Suicidal Thoughts During Mental Breakdown

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Niall Horan’s older brother Greg has a tendency to use social media in a way that makes people roll their eyes on the regular. But when the One Direction singer’s sibling sent a series of tweets over the weekend that made it sound like he was considering suicide, his social-media habits went from weird to downright scary.

The oldest Horan boy scared Directioners everywhere by randomly writing two notes in which he detailed how Niall has “rejected” him since 2010 and how he wishes he was dead.

After Greg sent out the scary tweets, fans immediately began sending their concerns out of genuine fear for his safety. But just hours later, the 28-year-old husband and father confused the heck out of people by deleting the original messages and replacing them with assurance that he was just fine.

We are truly so confused. It’s as if Greg has a full-on mental breakdown but then snapped out of it and completely ignored his actions. Whatever the situation is, we hope he gets the help he needs.

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