Must-Watch Vid: Let’s Talk About Real World Issues… with Jersey Shore’s Snooki

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It’s, like, a known fact that the Jersey Shore cast members like to keep it real. So who better to talk about real world current events than our beloved Snooki? In this hilar vid, the JS meatball talks about everything from a 75 year-old with breast implants to a dog swallowing $10k worth of diamonds. (“That poop is going to be worth a lot of money.”) Oh, and apparently Hurricane Irene sucked because you can’t straighten your hair. Yes, Snooki. That’s the traumatic part.

If you’re dying to see the news from Snooki’s POV, please click on. To be honest, we don’t even think it’s a spoof!

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Do you agree with Snooki’s POV? What do you think about the issues she discussed? You can be honest in the comments.