All the Cute YouTube Couples That Found Love in the Past Year

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There’s nothing we love like a good love story — but our fave YouTubers seemed determined to give us the exact opposite of that this year. Sound harsh? Too bad, because it’s true. We can’t believe how many cheating scandals, public breakups, and pointed subtweets they threw in our romance-loving faces in 2017. We never thought we’d say this, because we have to admit we love a little drama every once in a while, but the past 12 months were just too freakin’ much. It was like we asked for a rom-com and had to sit through a horror movie!

Let’s start with the biggest and the baddest — Jake Paul and Alissa Violet. Whoever used to ship them definitely doesn’t anymore after AV claimed Jake kicked her out of the Team 10 house. As if that wasn’t dramatic enough, cheating rumors started to surface and then the 21-year-old came right out and said the former Bizaardvark actor had been physically and emotionally abusive to her. The most recent update? JP tweeted just this month, “Alissa f*cked my brother… That’s why I kicked her out.”

Then there were betrayals from a bunch YT couples with wedding rings. Austin Null and Brittany Null got divorced because he was unfaithful…again, Queen stayed with Chris Sails when he cheated, and the Butler family is still struggling ever since Shay Carl cheated on his wife. Of course, all of this was documented and discussed on their channels so we subscribers could cry and cringe right along with them.

But as rough as the past year has been, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. We’re happy to report that a few YouTubers have embarked on new relationships this year and will be ending 2017 still in them. There aren’t as many as last year, but hey, we’ll take what we can get.