New Year’s Resolutions of Blair, Hanna, CeCe, Sutton and More!

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New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the things we’re thankful for and to make resolutions for the upcoming year. Whether you promise to work out more, tweet less or save money, we all make pledges to ourselves with the best of intentions hoping beyond hope that we will keep them all. Right?! And our faveTV characters are no different. And we know just what Blair Waldorf, Haley Dunphey, CeCe Jones and more are hoping for in 2012.

Is it wrong if I hope some of them don’t make it past a week? Come on. We all know watching them be bad is oh so good!

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl promises to:
Stop being so vain. Clothes do not make the woman. On the other hand, clothes totally make the baby. Since they can’t speak, a cute headband can say so much. (And yes, we hope Baby Blair is a girl). Gossip Girl New Years Resolutions

Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries promises to:
Stop sweating the small stuff. No more worrying about senior dance decorating committees or Founder’s Day events. If she uses her lighting speed vampy skills, she can pretty much get the decorations and food done in about 5 seconds flat. No sweat. Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes

CeCe Jones from Shake It Up promises to:
Stay out of trouble and think before she says anything embarrassing. Her embarrassment threshold is pretty high though, so Rocky shouldn’t hold her breath on this one.Bella Zendaya Shake It Up

Annie Wilson from 90210 promises to:
Get a job. A REAL job. Where’s the Peach Pit when you need it?90210 New Year's Resolution Annie

Jade West from Victorious promises to:
Try and be more patient next year… especially with stupid, annoying losers who have no talent, no style, and ask ridiculous questions because they desperately want to be her friend.Victorious Jade New Year's Resolution

Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars promises that:
There will be no more stealing. Kleptomania is so 2011, guys.  This year the only thing she’s going to steal are kisses from her hot boyfriend, Caleb.Pretty Little Liars Hanna Caleb Season 2

Haley Dunphy from Modern Family promises to:
Spend more quality time with her family. Texting and iChatting during said family time is allowed, right? Think of it as multi-tasking.Haley Alex Dunphey Modern Family

Sutton Mercer from The Lying Game promises to:
Turn over a new leaf. No more lying. No more games. Unless lying has to do with her adopted family and game-playing has to do with winning back her secret ex-boyfriend. Otherwise, totally done with lying and games.The Lying Game Sutton Mercer

Zoe Hart from Hart of Dixie promises to:
Make a concerted effort to fit into Bluebell. She’s done with those Madison Avenue outfits and smoky eye makeup. From now on, Zoe’s a Lilly Pulitzer girl with a subscription to Better Homes & Gardens, even though she doesn’t have a home or a garden.Rachel Bilson Hart of Dixie

Finn Hudson from Glee promises to:
Get back to his football roots and dedicate more time to working out and eating right. Teenage boys cannot live on breadsticks and tater tots alone. Trust me. He’s tried.

Finn Hudson Football Glee

Do you think the characters are making these resolutions? Do you have any resolutions for 2012? Tell us in the comments!

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