9 New TV Shows That Are Just Asking to Be Canceled

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Tumblr (gifhunts11)

Tumblr (gifhunts11)

You know when a new TV season is approaching and you start hearing the plots of upcoming series or watching trailers and promos, and there are some that make you go, “Ooh I’ll try that one out,” and then there are others that make you go, “Nope, I give it like five episodes?” Well, this post is in honor of that second feeling.

There are plenty of new shows starting this summer and into fall that just look… not so great. And it’s so hard imagining them being good or watchable that you figure they’ll be canceled before you can say “Wait, that was a show?” Here are just nine examples I’ve found in looking through the plots for upcoming series. I know that some shows you expect to hate but they end up being great, so go ahead and mock me if these turn out to be awesome and/or successful. I’m not a psychic!

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