The Next Harry Potter, Twilight & Hunger Games?

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So as much as we hate to admit it, Harry Potter is all over, there’s only one Twilight film left, and we’ve finished all The Hunger Games books. Yeah, we’ve still got that movie and we’re super psyched about it… but we’re dying to find the next big book series-turned-film phenomenon! We’ve been on the lookout for replacements for all our fave series, and we think we may have found some:

The Next Harry Potter: The Hex Hall series

We’ve been hardcore missing Hogwarts, so maybe Hex Hall — a school for witches, warlocks, ghosts and other creatures — will fill our needs! It may not have He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but it’s got its own evil predator threatening to destroy the magical world!

The Next Twilight: The My Blood Approves series

My Blood Approves is all about a girl who falls in love with a hot vampire. Sound familiar? Well, wait. There’s even a supernatural love triangle — the main character also sorta has a thing for her crush’s brother… who’s also a vampire. It kinda reminds us of The Vampire Diaries too, so it’s automatically a winner.

The Next Hunger Games: The Delirium series

Just like Katniss, the heroine of this series is stuck in a futuristic world where the government controls pretty much everything — and forces people to undergo a procedure that “cures” them of love! And also just like Katniss, the main character falls for a guy and goes all rebel against the government. Maybe now that Kristen Stewart is pretty much done with the Twilight films, she can take over this series too… it’s been optioned to be made into a movie!

So what do you think, can any series replace your faves? Have you read any of these books? Who would you want to star in the film versions? So many questions! Answer them all in the comments!

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