7 Expectations of Starting A New School Year And What Actually Happens

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Going back to school means a lot of things: seeing your friends, learning new things, and most of all having the chance to make a fresh start. But while you may have big plans of how your new school year will go, your expectations are typically wayyyy different than what actually happens…

1. Expectation: Your friends are in all your classes.



Reality: You know no one.

2. Expectation: You get the best teachers in the school.

Reality: You’re stuck with the worst.

3. Expectation: Lunch will be so much fun thanks to your cool lunch table!



Reality: You all have different lunch periods.

4. Expectation: The cafeteria food will finally taste good.

Reality: It doesn’t.

5. Expectation: You’ll pick out cute outfits to wear every single day.

Reality: The sweatpants come out after the first week.

6. Expectation: This is the year you won’t procrastinate your work!

Reality: LOL

7. Expectation: You’ll join a bunch of new extracurricular activities.



Reality: You go home and nap every day.

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