11 Amazing New Beauty Items You Need in Your Makeup Bag Before Summer ’16

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It feels like just yesterday we were complaining about the cold weather and not-so-patiently waiting for Allegiant to come out, but all of a sudden winter is a thing of the past and spring is about to fly out of here quicker than Joe Jonas when he sees Zayn Malik at a party. And although it’s creeping up on us pretty suddenly, we are BEYOND excited for summer 2016 to finally arrive! The vacations! The concerts! The warm weather! There’s just so much to be pumped about, ya know?

But in addition to all those fun things, there’s also another aspect of the change in season to have on your radar — the new makeup launches that some of your favorite brands have come out with in honor of the warm weather months. Okay… so maybe you don’t technically need any additional products in your already overflowing beauty bag, but COME ON; every makeup-obsessed person knows there’s a very thin line between a want and a need. *angel Emoji* So, if you’re looking to make all your friends jealous as soon as school ends, click through the gallery below and get a feel for the beauty products you actually obsess over.