13 GIFs That Prove New Girl’s Schmidt Is The Best Character On TV. Ever.

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If you’ve ever watched New Girl, you know that Schmidt is hands-down the best character on the show. Listen — we love Nick, Jess, Winston, CeCe and Coach, too, but Schmidt is just simply the greatest! There’s not an episode that goes by where his hilarious one-liners or sarcastic humor doesn’t make us cry with laughter, which obviously means Max Greenfield is doing something waaaaay right. Whether you’re a die-hard NG fan or have never seen the show before, you’ll definitely appreciate the following GIFs that prove why Schmidt’s the best TV character of all time:

1. He speaks the truth.

Babbling Brookelyn

Babbling Brookelyn

2. He’s builds up his own self-esteem.



3. He loves his culture.

4. He embraces his emotions.

5. He gives great advice.

6. He likes an eclectic assortment of food.

7. He makes great analogies.

8. He knows good fashion when he sees it.



9. He’s a tried and true chef.

10. He’s super agile.

11. He can admit when he’s wrong.

12. He knows how to have a good time.

13. He can handle tough situations.

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