The New Boyz Want To Ride In the “Backseat” With Miley Cyrus, And We Want to Ride With Them (Exclusive Video)

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Ya know that totally addictive song about the “Backseat” that literally gets you bumping and grinding like clockwork every time you hear it? The dudes that sing and rap it are the New Boyz, and we got the cuties to tell us about their dream backseat partner. So who do they want to be sitting in the front seat, chillin’ in the backseat, with? Wait, wrong song…

Anyway, click on to get the deets on their ideal celeb ridin’ partner (OMG, we love Miley Cyrus too!), their dream car, and why one of ’em will actually be needing to ride a two-seater bicycle instead!

Do you like the New Boyz song, “Backseat?” If you don’t know it, watch the vid below (and prepare to be obsessed!) Who would you want to ride in the back seat with? Tell us in the comments!