Justin Bieber Does Kiss His Fans (At Least In This Movie Clip, He Does)

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Fear, not, faithful Beliebers. This pic is not another one of those Justin-kissing-fans pictures that are making the rounds on the internet. This, instead, is a picture of one very lucky fan who got the full Bieber treatment — tickets to his concert, a kiss from the Biebs, and, oh yeah, a cameo in his upcoming flick, Never Say Never.

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This new preview of said flick just debuted on Ryan Seacrest’s Facebook page and, as if we needed another reason to see it, this solidified us waiting in line at midnight the night before release in anticipation. Will you be there waiting in line with us? Click on to see the clip!

Just click here to check out the preview on J-14.com!

So, Beliebers, how excited are you for this movie? Share your excitement below!