7 of the Most Savage Reviews of Netflix’s New Series, Insatiable

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Talk about a controversy! Upon release of its first trailer, Netflix’s new series, Insatiable, faced loads and loads of backlash for being a fat-shaming mess. Soon enough, a Change.org petition was started to cancel the show before it was even released and, now, that petition has over 231,000 signatures… and counting! But, despite the hate, the series was released on August 10. And, as you probably know, viewers and critics were NOT impressed.

Among the many problems viewers have with Insatiable is fat-shaming, slut-shaming, jokes about sexual assault, molestation, statutory rape, and sexuality. And although the show’s creators have said the Debby Ryan-led production is a dark satire, viewers think it’s super insensitive — and critics agree. Almost all of the reviews have been bad for Insatiable, so, yeah, you could say a second season is probably not likely. Which critics have been the most savage with their reviews? Here are seven of them that will leave you wig-less and at a loss for words: