This Striking Neon Eye Makeup Has Gone Viral and We Can Totally See Why

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Calling all beauty gurus! We’ve come across some new eye makeup that you desperately need to try, and it’s all thanks to one talented young woman on Instagram who has us totally shook over her bright, neon eyeshadow and liner.

That’s right, you guys! When Margie Zank took to her personal Instagram account to share her new, neon creation, people were mesmerized. How do we know? Well, considering the fact that she posted the photo just a few days ago and it already has over 30,000 likes, it’s safe to say that, yeah… people are LOVING it.

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We know what you’re thinking: How did Margie find such pigmented neon makeup with that much fluorescence? Well, lucky for us, she recently shared all of her secrets with Allure, which means that, if you dare, you can rock this super striking look, too!

According to Allure, Margie used Stargazer Neon Eye Dust to achieve such a high-intensity neon, which is something she’s seen beauty vloggers use before. She told the mag, “I’ve seen a few YouTubers use them and knew I needed some for myself.” NGL, we love that she wasn’t afraid to take a risk and try it out, and considering the viral attention it’s received, it’s looking like the risk certainly paid off.

For the look she was going for, specifically, Margie decided to go with her favorite color orange. She also added touches of green because, according to her, “highlighter green doesn’t get enough hype.” And while we think there’s a high probability that highlighter green makeup could be dangerous in the hands of the average person, clearly, Margie knew what she was doing.

She also told Allure that “at first, I just had the lines around the outside of the orange, but it kept feeling incomplete, so I added more.” Normally, we say “less is more,” but in Margie’s case, we have to admit… it’s pretty stunning. Don’t you think?