Exclusive! Nelly Furtado Tells Us She’s a Twi-Hard And a Gleek!

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Whoa, Nelly! Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Nelly Furtado burst onto the scene with “I’m Like a Bird?” Well, it has been, and now the Canadian pop-star is releasing her greatest hits album, “The Best of Nelly Furtado.” She’s got a new song and video for “Night is Young,” and, as she told us, a love for Twilight and Glee!

Read on to see what super popular artist Nelly loves, which of her songs she hopes doesn’t make it on Glee, and why she’s always “going at it!”

Teen.com:Your new single is called “Night is Young.” What do you like to do when the night is young?
I think if you’re out go to dinner with your friends and have a chance to have a nice good meal before you go out — a chance to touch base and take it from there. Recently we had an early night in Las Vegas because we went to the Latin Grammy’s and we got off early from rehearsal and saw the Jabawockees. They have their own show there that’s 90 minutes of amazingness and it has a real thread and real theme . So if you’re in the area, I definitely recommend that.

Teen.com: We hear you love Gaga! What other artists that are popular today do you admire?
I really like Eminem. He’s been consistent and inspiring to many people with his lyricism. I feel like he’s a very self actualized performer. When he’s writing, he really takes himself to the point of completion and excellence.

Teen.com: Who did you like when you were a teenager?
I loved Mary J. Blige — her swagger and street sense and amazing voice and vocal style.

Teen.com: Did her songs define your high school years? What songs did?
One of them was when I was seventeen, I listened to “Live Forever” by Oasis and “Wonderwall,” of course. I listened to TLC. I love TLC. My friends and I would dress up like TLC for halloween. “What About Your Friends” is a good song. They had a lot of good ones. “Creep…”

Teen.com: So what’s on your iPod now?
A lot of Janelle Monae. I find her to be other worldy and the music is so rich. So musically rich and exciting and catchy and melodic. She’s very unique. And I also am digging Florence and the Machine. And I actually really enjoy the entire Twilight: Eclipse sound track.

Teen.com: Ha! Are you a Twilight fan?
I really like all the movies. I think they’re great. But I guess the music also is an entity in and of itself.

Teen.com: “Promiscuous” is on this album. Did you see that song as really risqué when it came out?
It’s definitely kinda risque but I feel like you need to look at your whole body of work and this is just one song on my whole repertoire. When I recorded it I was in Miami and I was feeling pretty carefree and it was more about the flow and the hip hop nature of the song. But I always tell people that I think I’m musically promiscuous, so it fits that way. I’ve tried every single musical style. I’m going out at it musically with a bunch of different artists!

Teen.com: Love it! Would you want that song to be covered on Glee?
I don’t know if I want a bunch of teens going around singing “Promiscuous.” But hey, whatever they want. It’s a great show. “Maneater” would be great.

Teen.com: You’ve won Grammys and Junos and have a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame. Is there anything you still want to do?
I’d like to duet with Madonna. I want to work with A.R Rahman, this Indian composer. I want to go to carnival in Brazil. I would like to play trombone on stage. I gave it up when I was 18 but I’d like to learn it again and play it on stage.

What’s your favorite Nelly song? Would you love to see one of her songs covered on Glee? Tell us below!