9 Types of Handbags Every Put-Together Girl Needs in Her Closet

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Buying the right clothes you need for every different type of situation you might find yourself in can be daunting enough — add accessories into the mix, and things can get seriously intimidating. This is even true with something as basic as a handbag. If you aren’t super into the style world, you probably have one bag that you use for everything — if you use a bag at all. It’s worn out and not very fancy, but it works for you. If you’re like me, you’re often running from one place to another without time to go home in between and switch up your bags. You don’t want to bother with making sure your essentials migrate and you don’t want to think about what you’re throwing on your arm. But however overwhelming it seems, every girl should have a few different types of bags in her closet that are right for different places. A bag is important because it’s a symbol to the world that you have your life together. Like a fabulous pair of shoes, it can make or break your first impression.

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