No Santana Lopez Here. Naya Rivera Gets a Glam (InStyle) Makeover (Pics)

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Resident bad girl Santana Lopez (aka Naya Rivera) ditches her sexy clothing from Glee and opts for a more classic-yet-still-sexy style. And we gotta say, these looks would win in a landslide next to her Cheerios uniform. So glam! Nice job, InStyle Makeover.

Check out what Naya had to say about her new look, plus peep more pics from the shoot!

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Naya tells InStyle Makeover,

“What a refreshing change from skimpy little skirts and low necklines.”

Honestly, we’d have to agree. What do you think of Naya’s glam style? Do you think she looks better in ISM or Glee? Send your thoughts our way in the comments!