A Glee Actress Had an Abortion Years Ago and You Had No Idea

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When a celebrity writes a book, they oftentimes open up about things they never felt comfortable speaking about before. Penning Sorry Not Sorry was Naya Rivera‘s chance to be “true to [herself]” and eventually give her 11-month-old son “a better perspective on the issues women face.” In the new memoir, which comes out on September 13, the 29-year-old spoke honestly about many of her past struggles, including the time she got an abortion.

Back in 2010, the former Glee actress found out she was pregnant just weeks after she split from her now-husband Ryan Dorsey in order to focus solely on her career in Hollywood. While the couple is happily married with a child today, Naya decided to not tell her then-ex about the pregnancy and instead got an abortion on her day off from filming the Fox hit.

While the brunette beauty obviously knows her admission will help a lot of people and it was necessary to include, she was still extremely nervous to be so honest.

“It was very scary to open up about everything,” she told People. “It’s not something a lot of people talk about, but I think they should. I know some people might read it and say, ‘What the hell?’ But I hope someone out there gets something out of it.”

As she expected, many people did say ‘what they hell’ when they heard about her story, and the actress felt the need to defend herself from those questioning her intentions.

You can read more about Naya’s past struggles in Sorry Not Sorry when it comes out on September 13.

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