9 Natural Hair-Removal Hacks Perfect for Those Who Absolutely Hate Shaving

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As we’ve said before, those who want smooth, hairless skin seem to want it even more during the summer months. No one is saying you have to be hair-free as the weather gets warmer, but those who like that look know that the struggle of getting their body hair removed is real AF.

Shaving is tedious and can leave your skin with painful razor burn, and waxing can hurt like heck. So, it’s time to say goodbye to your Schick Quattro and bid farewell to the wax strips — the following hacks will teach you how to get rid of unwanted hair NATURALLY and without any pain.

1. A big alternative to shaving or waxing is sugaring, an all-nature method of removing body hair. Here are the benefits:



2. Interested? Here’s some more info about sugaring:

3. Now that you have all the info, it’s time to figure out how to make this magical creation! Here’s how you can create your own sugaring solution:

4. Follow this guide on how to apply the sugar and then remove it and your hair:

5. Not really into applying sugar and honey to your skin? This iodine-baby oil solution will dissolve body hair right before your very eyes:

6. A mixture of coffee grounds, coconut oil, and baking soda is another method for hair removal.

7. No coconut oil? No problem! A dry mixture will work, too, but make sure you moisturize after!

8. Some people have dark hair on their face, and others are simply covered with some peach fuzz. Either way, this gelatin-based mask will get rid of all the obnoxious hair as well as remove any blackheads you might have!

9. This natural scrub is SO much less painful than waxing your upper lip:



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