Celebrate National Pink Day with 6 Celebs Who Rock Pink ‘Dos

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If you’re an avid reader, then you know we’re basically fans of all holidays no matter how unconventional they may seem. Go Skateboarding Day, National Flip Flop DayInternational Jonas Brothers Day… must we go on? So we couldn’t let today — June 23, 2012 — pass by without acknowledging one of the most prestigious holidays of all: National Pink Day! Basically, it’s just 24 hours to honor the beloved color. Silly? Maybe. But definitely fun. In its honor, we’re celebrating with the top six celebrities who have rock pink hair!

Katy Perry
Katy’s currently sporting purple tresses, and before that it was blue.
But out of all her funky-hair choices, this is one of our personal faves.


Lauren Conrad
Not everyone has to go to the extremes and dye their whole head.
Even the hint of neon LC’s been showing off does the trick, too.


Demi Lovato
Although you could argue that Demi’s tips aren’t as daring as the others,
the subtly of the pastel shade is actually what makes it unique.


Willow Smith
Against Willow’s darker features, the pink totally stands out — and we love it!


Dianna Agron
Long or short, the hot hue added tons of edge to Di’s Glee alter ego.


Nicki Minaj
They don’t call her ‘Minajesty’ for nothing — she OWNS her locks!


Which pink-headed celebrity looks the best with the unnatural color? Are there any other stars that rock it as well?

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