Celebrate “National Belly Laugh” Day With Our Fave Funny Youtube Vids EVER!

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Have you ever seen one of those daily calendars that have a funny holiday for every day of the year? Well apparently, today is “National Belly Laugh” Day! To celebrate, we’ve pooled together our absolute fave YouTube videos – we’ve got a few classics, and some you’ve probably never seen before. Prepare for the best ab workout ever, because these are going to have you belly laughing like a maniac!

Charlie Bit Me
This video never stops being hilarious. Ever. The kid basically asksCharlie to bite him, and then he freaks out. And Charlie’s evil laugh afterwards… perfection.

I Don’t Like You, Mommy
We’ve all had those days where we don’t like our parents, but admit it – the second they make us cookies, everything is forgiven. This kid gets it.
Talking Twin Babies
Okay, we loved Rugrats growing up, but these babies may be even more awesome than Phil and Lil. Baby #2 gets downright SASSY at 0:40. We have no clue what they’re saying and we don’t even care.
Baby Dancing to Beyonce
Speaking of hilarious babies, this one has better dance skills than we do! Think #babyonce Blue Ivy will have the same moves one day?
Banana Song
Okay, so we’re not sure if this cracks us up because it’s funny or really really creepy, but either way… we can’t stop watching. Why can’t we stop watching…
Toddlers & Tiaras Parody
Even if you love Toddlers & Tiaras, this spoof is sure to make you LOL. Our fave “contestant” is obviously Esther. Yours?
Bieber After Dentist
We love the original video “David After Dentist”, but Justin’s vid spoofing it is even better! His scream at the end basically has us falling out of our chairs.
Elmo Prank Calls
This is the most genius idea ever. A guy with a perfect Elmo voice calls up some pharmacies complaining that he lost his eyes. Their reactions are priceless.
Did those videos have you laughing as hard as we were? Are there any funny YouTube videos that we missed? Let us know HERE!

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