Ready to Feel Old? One of Your Favorite iCarly Actors is Expecting a Baby!

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We’re not sure when it happened, but suddenly we’re not little kids watching our fave Nickelodeon shows while our parents make dinner anymore. The network’s OG actors are all grown up and getting married, starting families, etc. When we think of Nathan Kress, our minds IMMEDIATELY go to the awkward and adorable Freddie Benson from iCarly, but the actor has definitely come a long way since he was playing a teen on TV. NK is now 24 years old, married to the love of his life AND getting ready to welcome his first child into the world.

The Breaking Brooklyn star announced that his wife, London Elise Kress, is pregnant on Instagram last night.

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He captioned the adorable kissing picture:

“Me and my baby in London.
Me, and my baby in London.
Me. And my baby
IN —>LONDON< --- Get it?? Mommy and daddy are thrilled to announce Baby Kress, arriving January 2018"

We’re cringing a little bit at the caption, NGL (did you pick up on that subtle NSFW humor?), but we’ll let it slide because we’re FREAKING out that Freddie Benson is going to be a dad.

London uploaded a different photo on her own IG page and showed off her barely there baby bump.

“I put my barf bag down for this photo,” she said, implying that she’s been suffering from morning sickness throughout her first trimester.

Congratulations to the Kress family!

Nathan Kress will soon be able to add ‘dad’ to his resume, just like these other former Nickelodeon stars: