Natalia Taylor Quits YouTube Days After Breaking Up with Famous Girlfriend

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We did NOT see this one coming. YouTubers Natalia Taylor and Anna Campbell broke up just a few days ago, but one of the girls already has another reveal that’s leaving fans SHOOKETH — she’s quitting YouTube! The 21-year-old made the shocking announcement on Twitter just a little while ago, writing a heartfelt message that explained her decision.

“First let me start out by saying, thank you so much to every single one of you that has supported me directly and indirectly through social media,” she tweeted. “Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had this opportunity to influence thousands. Your love is my love. And with that, I have made the personal decision to take some time away from the amazing Internet world.”

The brunette beauty said her decision is a a result of the fact that she might be attending college soon and is “moving forward with a possible career.”

While she is definitely saying goodbye to all things YT and social media for now, she says she perhaps will return one day and “could never forget” the video-sharing website.

Nat explained, “You have been so good to me. I am forever grateful for you and I will be thinking of you every single day. I cannot say I will never be back. I could never forget about YouTube. But it may be a while. This time is essential. Thank you again everyone for your likes, dislikes, love comments, hate comments, hugs, letters and overall support. I hope you continue to keep me in your thoughts as you are always in mine.”

Natalia departs the Internet with almost 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, just under 80,000 followers on Twitter and 158,000 fans on Instagram. As much as we hope she continues to make vids one day, we are SO proud of her for starting this next chapter.