YouTube Star Was Kidnapped by Mentally Ill Man Who Wanted to Kill Her

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Instagram (@nataliataylor)

Instagram (@nataliataylor)

Natalia Taylor’s life may seem perfect, but the model and YouTube star has gone through things most people couldn’t even begin to fathom.

“On June 24, 2004, I was kidnapped and I changed my name to hide from my kidnapper,” she said in her recent video, which many initially thought was just click-bait.

When Natalia (whose real name is Ashley) was almost around 6 years old, her parents got a divorce because her father was “diagnosed with paranoia schizophrenia.” Despite the fact that the man was “extremely abusive” toward her mother, he still got visitation rights and was able to see his daughter even after the separation. About a year later, Natalia was staying with her cousins while her mom was at work and “literally [swooped her] up.”

“I remember this like it was yesterday… I remember Rod picking me up, literally taking me in his arms, running out of the house and my aunt and uncle were screaming at him…and I remember him throwing me in his truck and driving away.”

While the now-20-year-old didn’t “really think about it” at the time, and thought her dad was just taking her somewhere special for her upcoming birthday, she now realizes how serious the situation really was and that there was actually an Amber Alert out for almost a full day. An off-duty police officer ended up calling 911 when he spotted the vehicle the pair was in running a red light, and Natalia was rescued and reunited with her mother.

“They found that there were actually multiple weapons in the vehicle and he was making claims that he was trying to take us both to heaven. So, I think you guys can kind of interpret what that means; pretty scary stuff.”

You can watch Natalia’s full recollection below:

Rod was sent to prison for a short period of time, but ultimately got out on bail and is now homeless in Florida. The YouTube star showed her viewers his picture so they know who to look out for if they live in the area, and also pleaded with them to keep her information as private as possible, because she is still hiding from the man who kidnapped her when she was a child.

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