Female YouTube Stars Outed as Queer and in a Relationship by Fellow YouTuber

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Fans have been speculating that YouTube stars Natalia Taylor and Anna Campbell were dating for MONTHS, despite neither girl saying they’re anything other than straight. While the members of Tana Mongeau‘s Trash were constantly playing up (read: ‘gay-baiting’) viewers’ hopes with their video thumbnails, pictures, etc., neither was ready to publicly talk about what was really happening behind closed door…that is, until another YouTuber outed them as queer.

Sierra Watts leaked text messages sent by the brunette that basically confirmed she and the 24-year-old were a couple. The 19-year-old claims she wasn’t trying to ‘out’ anyone, because she thought their sexuality and relationship was already confirmed.

While the teen deleted the screenshots and apologized, the damage was already done — people suddenly knew that both Anna and Natalia were queer AND in a relationship. The 20-year-old chose to speak about the developments on Twitter.

Anna, on the other hand, posted an emotional video in which she not only came out as queer, but also spoke about her relationship with Natalia.

She explained, “About six months ago I met a girl. You may have heard of her once or twice…she goes by the name of Natalia Taylor. And we fell in love.”

It is never, EVER okay to expose someone’s sexuality without their permission, but we are so happy that both Natalia and Anna have come out of this situation stronger and happier than ever.

These queer celebrities were unfortunately forced out of the closet: