Natalia Taylor & Anna Campbell Break Up 3 Months After Being Outed as Queer

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Anna Campbell and Natalia Taylor‘s love story was different than most. Fan pretty much always assumed the YouTube stars were dating, but they didn’t confirm the news until they were outed as queer and in a relationship by a fellow YouTuber. Natanna was the Internet’s resident power couple for the past few months, but, sadly, not everything is as perfect on the inside as it seems to be on the outside.

Shippers first started questioning if the 24- and 21-year-olds broke up when Anna suddenly posted emotional notes about heartbreak, love, etc., on Twitter last week.

Natalia also fueled the fire by tweeting about not being soulmates with someone.

A few days later, the brunette confirmed that she and Anna broke and asked fans who were criticizing her for not being super upset publicly to be kind.

AC also jumped in to ask everyone to stop sending Natalia hate.

Although Natanna is no longer a couple, the social media stars are still extremely close and remain the best of friends.

“There’s no bad feelings between us at all,” Anna said during a YouNow stream.

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