7 Nat Wolff Facts That’ll Make You Crush on Him Hard

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Plenty of people have been fangirling over Shansel — aka Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort — leading up to the release of The Fault In Our Stars, but let's not forget about another very important part of the upcoming movie.

Nat Wolff plays the role of Gus' best friend Isaac in the John Green book-to-movie adaptation, and he's definitely someone you should be crushing on. You know, if you're not already. In addition to that, he's also going to star in ANOTHER book based off John Green's work, titled Paper Towns. Oh, and he's starring with Emma Roberts and James Franco in Palo Alto. Man, Nat is busy!

In honor of TFiOS' release on Friday June 6, we thought Nat would be the perfect person for our Man Crush Monday. So, we've rounded up not one, not two, but SEVEN facts that'll make you totally hardcore crush on him. Check them out below!