Close, But No Cigar! All the Film Roles a YA Actor Star Failed to Land

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Nickelodeon child actor Nat Wolff made his rise to recent YA-fame in his role as Isaac in John Green‘s The Fault in Our Stars. And by the looks of his career ever since then, it seems as if things are only going up from hereon out! With a coveted role as Quentin in Paper Towns and his recent casting as Light Yagami in the highly-anticipated thriller Death Note, Nat is really on a roll.

Unfortunately, the casting process expands way beyond what an actor’s recent successes may be. Oftentimes, castings come down to the importance of chemistry reads, relationships with directors, or even how similar the actor is to their character IRL. Meaning that despite all of the talent, this former Naked Brothers Band star has actually missed out on his fair share of opportunities.

So, here are some of the roles that Nat Wolff was close to getting, but simply fell short of landing:

1. Augustus ‘Gus’ Waters, The Fault In Our Stars — We all know Nat as Isaac in this popular tear-jerker, but it turns out that he actually originally went out and screen-tested for the role of Gus! “I hadn’t really been thinking about that role [Isaac], and once I got it, I was like, ‘This is a deep role,'” he told MTV. Honestly, we think it turned out for the best! He was the perfect Isaac.

2. Peter Parker, Spider-Man Reboot — Despite two other Spider-Man series having already taken off, yet another one is in the works. And while Tom Holland was ultimately cast as the lead, actors like Nat and Dylan O’Brien was also considered.

3. Unknown Role, Looking For Alaska — Considering that Nat’s worked with John Green in both TFIOS and Paper Towns, it only makes sense that he wants in on the upcoming Looking for Alaska film. However, John made it clear on Twitter that he’s not in charge of the casting (and even joked that he wants Taylor Swift for every role!). What has Nat said about any chances of him being in the film? “I could [make a brief appearance], or I could just play Alaska. They haven’t found the girl. I could break the hearts of a lot of actresses out there and take it,” he said in an interview with MTV, “They were freaking out enough when I was not blonde and I was playing Isaac, so I think they’re gonna freak pretty hard when I’m playing Alaska. But you can report that, I will be playing Alaska.” LOL!

4. Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin, Kingsman: The Secret Service — Okay, so there’s no definitive confirmation if Nat actually went out for the role of Eggsy, but we did sense a slight bit of bitterness in his lack of being cast in the James Bond-esque action film during an interview he had with Backstage magazine. “I could totally be in Kingsman,” said after dropping his knife and catching it. Or… maybe the was just his overall dream of being British? Who knows! But, either way, we actually would have loved to see him amidst all of that action.

5. Unknown Role, The Divergent Series — After he appeared in TFiOS with Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, both of who appeared in Divergent, it would’ve only makes sense for Nat to go on and join the series. But according to ET, the actor decided to move on from The Fault in Our Stars to a film called Ashby instead of talking with Divergent execs about joining the film.

But it’s okay, Nat! We’re sure that we’ll see you in more roles in the future.

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