One Picture Has the World Thinking This YouTube Couple is Engaged

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What’s one way to make people think you’re engaged? Post a picture of yourself wearing a huge diamond ring on your left hand. When Nash Grier‘s girlfriend Taylor Giavasis showed off a huge sparkler on Snapchat recently, people obviously questioned the status of their relationship.



But as we’ve seen in the past thanks to Kylie Jenner and Tyga, wearing a huge-a** diamond on your left ring finger doesn’t necessarily mean a wedding is in the near future. After the 19-year-old Instagram star saw the insanity that her Snapchat was causing, she quickly took to Twitter to clear up everyone’s questions.

Rumors denied — the teenagers are NOT engaged. The pair was rumored to be dating since October 2015, but didn’t confirm their relationship until about six months ago when Nash wrote a heartwarming note to his love on Instagram.

I've always been told Love isn't something you just find- This is my best friend. We've been together for over a year now. She's one of the most amazing people I've ever met. When we first started talking I was skeptical about relationships & the pros/cons that come with one. Over time I even built up a hatred for people that were using relationships & other people for their own personal gain. I got sick & tired of people exploiting others for all the wrong reasons & then seeing "goals" written all over their propaganda. Eventually I was able to clear my mind & spend some time with this girl & I'm so thankful I did. As we started hanging out we developed more & more of a trust for each other, one that continues to change my life for the better. As I begin to describe her (& our relationship) all words seem to lose meaning & don't really do any justice. No matter how hard I try to put together a sequence of words/feelings nothing will be able explain my love for this girl. Taylor – Thank you for being you. You've changed my life in SO many ways & I'm so blessed to have you. You've opened up a new world for me, whether it be the new perspectives I can now see from or the new feelings/emotions I get everyday when I'm with you. You continue to make me the best person I can be just by being yourself. Whether we're flying overseas or sitting on the couch you never fail to make me the happiest person I've ever been. Everything about you is such an inspiration – From your free spirit & your beautiful soul to the words that come out of your mouth you've always been a gift to the world. Thank you for selflessly spreading your divine energy & messages. You are changing this world one person at a time & I'm so thankful I'm one of those people, love you.

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Taylor and Nash obviously make each other very happy, and although they’re not currently engaged, we wish them nothing but the best in the future!


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