Vine Star & Rumored GF Exposed in More Ways Than One in Leaked After-Sex Vid

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While we were busy following the insanity that was the Nash Grier vs. Ariel Winter Twitter fight this weekend, it turns out the Vine star was dealing with something much more intense — a leaked video of himself and rumored girlfriend Taylor Giavasis laying in bed together…naked. Ohhhhh s***!!!

It seems that the 18-year-old Viner (or, possibly his girlfriend) is the latest celebrity to be the victim of an iCloud hack, as two scandalous personal vids have made their way online. In the first, you see a nude Taylor and a person that’s presumably Nash cuddling in bed. As the camera moves up, Tay’s nipples briefly flash on screen before she get up close and personal into her nostrils. Yeah…nostrils. Seeing as the beauty’s Instagram name is thenakediaries, we doubt she cares about her breasts being exposed on the Internet as much as having her privacy seriously invaded. Here’s what fans have to say about the “after-sex video:”

And like that wasn’t bad enough, yet ANOTHER controversial video is now circulating on the web, this time of Nash smoking what can assumed to be marijuana out of a homemade bong. While we’re not going to post it on the site, it’s very easy to find all over social media.

WTF is going on with all these social-media scandals lately?!

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