Your Map(a) to Napa: 10 Perfectly Instagrammable Spots in Wine Country

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Not sure if you’ve realized it, but this summer has been all about travel for the staff. Amsterdam, Budapest, Tel Aviv — the season’s been jam-packed! And it’s not stopping any time soon.

Recently, my husband and I got the chance to head out on a trip to Napa Valley, a place that’s long been on my bucket list. Hello, it’s Wine Country! From the very beginning, we were welcomed to the northern California region. (Peep the signage.)

Napa Instagram Spots

Kaitlin Cubria

Things only got better from there.

While exploring the hillsides of Napa County, with a little help from the 2019 Chevy Traverse (trust me when I say the in-vehicle WiFi, GPS and AWD came in CLUTCH around the Cali terrain), I couldn’t help but notice how perfectly Instagrammable everything is out there. To prove it to you, I’ve got your map(a) to Napa; the 10 best spots to get your ‘gram on in Wine Country:

I told you it was Instagrammable! I’m a born and raised New Yorker, but now I understand why everyone says the West Coast is the best coast.

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