Naomi Watts, Daniel Dae Kim Cast In Insurgent Movie

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Slowly but surely the Insurgent cast is coming along! We already know who will play Marlene, Edgar and Johanna, and now two more character blanks have been filled in. Former Lost star Daniel Dae Kim is slated to play the leader of Candor, Jack Kang, and Academy Award-nominated actress Naomi Watts will play Four's mother and the Factionless leader, Evelyn. Their official character descriptions are as followed:

"Evelyn Johnson/Eaton is Four's mother and the leader of the Factionless. She was responsible for the idea of destroying the Erudite so that Jeanine would lose control of the government, but deceived the Dauntless into believing that their goal was to restore the peace of the old faction system, when her true goal was to abolish factions."

"In Insurgent, Jack Kang represents Candor. He attempts to negotiate for peace with Erudite leader Jeanine, who sends Dauntless-traitor Max in her place. At the meeting, Max taunts him, explaining that Candor is a non-essential faction and thus has no bargaining power. He later acquiesces to Erudite's demands."

Let's just recap for a second. So far we have Theo JamesShailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Octavia SpencerMiles Teller, Kate Winslet, Daniel Dae Kim, Suki Waterhouse, Jonny Weston, and Naomi Watts all on board for what's looking to be like the most epic sequel in history!

Insurgent has already begun filming in Atlanta and is slated to hit theaters March 2015.

What do you think of this casting news, Insurgent fans? Who else do you hope will join the cast?

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