Nail Polish/Movie Tie-Ins: Hot or Not?

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Hunger Games Pics

Obvs, we know that movies like The Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman are hot. So it makes sense that everyone, beauty companies included, would want a piece of the action. But movie nail polishes? Kinda overkill. Come on, guys. Do we really need a Katniss-themed sparkle for our nails?

While we’re kinda torn on the whole phenomenon, we’ve gotta admit the names for these colors are pretty clever. For instance…

SWATH has its own line by Deborah Lippmann that you can buy online, with hues such as “Prelude to a Kiss”, a pale pink for when you’re feeling like Snow White, and a dark purple called “Dark Side of the Moon” for when you’re feeling more like the Evil Queen. We see what they did there.


Hunger Games has its own “Capitol Collection” from China Glaze, including “Dress Me Up” and “Stone Cold.” Never mind the fact that pretty much no one, with the exception of Effie and occasionally Katniss, even wore nail polish in the Capitol, but we digress.


As for the next movie to get its own hues? The Amazing Spider-Man! OPI just released a line for Spidey fans who are gearing up for the movie’s premiere in July. And again, we heart the titles like “My Boyfriend Scales Walls,” “Your Web or Mine?” and “Call me Gwen-ever.” And PS, we’re giving away a set to one lucky winner right here!


WDYT of this trend? Is it all kinds of amazing or just kinda silly?

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