Harry Styles’ Ex Nadine Leopold Revealed She Got Death Threats From His Fans

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Wow, you guys. So, model Nadine Leopold just got REAL about what it was like dating Harry Styles for a brief period of time, and let’s just say she was on the receiving end of many death threats.

As we all know, Harry is a major heartthrob, and TBH, many people would LOVE to date and get to know him on a personal level. Unfortunately, only a few ladies have actually been lucky enough to hold the title of Harry Styles’ girlfriend IRL. But, if you thought it was easy being his GF, think again.

Nadine is among the lucky ladies who HAVE been able to say that they’ve dated Harry, and while there’s no denying that she’s super lucky to have dated him at all, she recently revealed that she received a TON of hate over their short relationship on the new E! series, Model Squad.

That’s right, fam! As soon as rumors began spreading that Harry and Nadine were even an item at all, crazed fans came out of the woodwork to send nasty death threats her way, and eventually, they took a toll on her and her relationship!

Nadine said, QUOTE, “When you date someone who’s in the industry or in entertainment, it’s like, they have like all the little fans following you and you get like death threats.”

Then, when model Devon Windsor revealed to model Caroline Lowe that Nadine dated Harry for a hot minute, Nadine elaborated, saying, QUOTE, “I got like pictures sent to my apartment with my face crossed out and it kind of like affects your whole relationship because you think about that and you’re worried.”

Not gonna lie… we totally understand how receiving death threats from crazed fans would be scary and upsetting, but ultimately, we just hope that those threats weren’t the cause of their breakup back in 2015. It’s one thing to be jealous of her relationship, but once death threats are being thrown out there, it’s gone too far. Wouldn’t you agree?