A New Musical Low? This Chick Singing About “My Jeans” (Video)

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Guys, enough is enough. We need to put an end to cheesy music videos and the pre-teens who sing them. Case in point? Jenna Rose, the latest person to get a song and a music vid. Except she’s not singing about the days of the week or “Girl Swag,” but she’s singing about “My Jeans.” As in the things that you wear on your legs. We can’t make this stuff up, you know. But hey, at least Jenna shouts out to Hannah Montana and Ashley Tisdale and Keke Palmer so she’s kinda cool. We guess.

Please watch and comment. We are DYING to know your thoughts…

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What do you think of Jenna’s vid? Like her more or less than Rebecca Black and Madison Bray? Tell us like it is in the comments!