10 Awesome Web Series You Should Watch Instead of TV Shows

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If you aren’t watching or paying attention to at least one web series, you’re doing it wrong. As show producers opt for more Netflix programming and less traditional television formats, web series have been quietly chilling on YouTube killing the scripted television game. There are some web series that are so awesome that you should probably start watching them over “real” television (even though, in my mind, TV will always be cool). Some series have been so good that they’ve managed to make the jump — for example, Broad City was a web series before it got placement on TV. The bar has been raised for Internet content, and the creators driving it have matched, if not exceeded, that expectation. Some of the best quality production, performances and stories I’ve seen this year have been web series.

Don’t believe me? There are even Emmy categories for web series now. Channels like The CW and ABC now have original programming on their apps and other digital streaming services. Amazon and Netflix are even buying short form content to put on their roster. It’s hard to admit or conceptualize everybody moving away from traditional television as we know it, but the revolution is coming, and it’s already here on your computer. Independent filmmakers being able to create content where they’re the creative controller gives them the exact freedom you’re picturing and the results are just as awesome: worlds as complex, diverse, clever, and hilarious as you would expect — and we get to be lucky enough to watch it. Don’t know where to start? I have a few suggestions. These are the top 10 web series you should be watching right now:

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