8 Musicians You Didn’t Know Wrote Songs for 5 Seconds of Summer

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The music world is totally crazy. There are singers who were songwriters before becoming a musician themselves and there are singers that only write their own music. There are even singers like Mike Posner who write songs for SO many people that you’d never be able to count them all. Unlike a lot of stars, 5 Seconds of Summer do write a lot of their own tunes and that is why they are SO good.

That being said, the Australian boys can’t do it all by themselves. There are some pretty big names that have teamed up with the group to create some pretty impressive songs. Check out which artists have written songs for the boy band below and be prepared to rock out at the same time.

1. Joel & Benji Madden — The Madden brothers began their friendship with the 5 Seconds of Summer guys on their first album. One of the best 5SOS songs ever, “Amnesia” Joel and Benji wrote and it is something we will forever be grateful for from these twins. Luckily it was just the beginning of their songwriting for the band.

2. Joel & Benji Madden — OMG, Joel and Benji are so freaking talented. We knew they were good singers (hello they were a part of Good Charlotte), but we had no idea they could write such awesome music too. In July 2015 “She’s Kinda Hot” was released world wide. It was the first song off 5SOS’s new album that Joel and Benji co-wrote with Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings. It’s been taking over the airwaves ever since it’s release and we totally get it, it is SO good.

3. Joel & Benji Madden — The hotties of 5SOS do write a LOT of their own music, but when it comes to co-writes the Madden bros are at the top of their list of collaborators. In 2015 “Permanent Vacation” was debuted and it is SO good. All we need now is a real music video to go with this catchy jam and we’d be set.

4. Bonnie McKee — This one isn’t as surprising. Bonnie has written songs for Katy Perry (like “California Gurls” and “Roar”) so writing for the Aussie group is just another writing notch on her musical belt. When she wrote “San Francisco” it was pure acoustic gold .

5. Alex Gaskarth — You might not recognize Alex’s name at first glance by he is from All Time Low, so ya, he’s a big deal. His band has turned out songs like “Remembering Sunday” so co-writing the amazing song, “Kiss Me Kiss Me” isn’t so far fetched. Let’s hope he writes more songs for the group in the future because this song is always on our iPod.

6. Tom Fletcher — As one of the lead singers of McFly, Tom is a super talented singer and songwriter. He teamed up with two of the 5SOS guys, Luke and Calum Hood to write “Try Hard.” The song was originally a bonus track, but after getting a music video it was clear it should’ve been on the original album in every country.

7. Duran Duran — The boys of 5SOS love their Aussie writers. You might recognize hints of Duran Duran’s famous song, “Hungry Like the Wolf” in the group’s second single “Hey Everybody” from their second album Sounds Good Feels Good, which is why the band got writing credit on the song. Aussies stick together!

8. David Hodges — “Jet Black Heart” is the third single off of the group’s second album and although it has yet to be technically released, we’ve already fallen in love with the song. Everyone has former Evanescence writer and keyboardist, David to thank for writing this song, which is bound to be a major hit.

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